Friday, April 11, 2014

Don't Call Me Christina Kringle Review

Don't Call Me Christina KringleDon't Call Me Christina Kringle by Chris Grabenstein
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a super cute book. I had never heard of Brownies before and found them enchanting. Who knew that there were little people who it was everything to them to finish someone else’s work. Christina finds Brownies in her grandfather’s shoe shop just when the shop is about to close for good. Where can grandpa come up with the money owed to keep his shop when he can't even fix one pair of shoes properly any longer?
Christina hates Christmas due to her father’s death on Christmas Eve. She is angry that she never got her last present from her father because he was killed before he could present it to her. She hates the colors, decorations and music of the Holiday. Grandpa loves the holiday and is proud at what his son, Christina's father, did for others on Christmas Eve. He would give out toys to the needy, children who would otherwise not receive a gift. Everyone loves him and his good deeds, except Christina, she is angry that it is what kept him from her.
Christina wonders into grandpa's work room one afternoon to find two Brownies working on grandpa's shoe repair orders. She hides them in her backpack and carries them around during the day so no one will find them. At night they repair grandpa’s shoes. Will their work be enough? What if they previous owner finds them, will they leave Christina? What if she makes the biggest mistake of all with a Brownie and gives them the gift of clothing? Will Christina ever love Christmas again? Read this cute story and find out. I highly recommend this book to all age levels those who can read and those who need to be read to.

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